Mental Health Tips

Reduce Depression

Are your negative feelings bringing you down?  Remember, your feelings are not your facts!  Your emotions guide your thoughts, your thoughts guide your decisions, your decisions become your actions. Negative feelings result in negative actions; positive feelings result in positive actions!  Take one minute, right now, and think of the positives in your life – the things that bring you joy, hope, gratitude, and peace; let those feelings become your thoughts and guide your actions!

#Practice Positive Thoughts

Stress Tip

One way to beat stress is positive self talk. One thing I like to do is pretend I’m talking to a dear friend rather than myself. I am much kinder and supportive to my friends than I am when I’m talking myself through a problem. It’s a common issue, but an important one to beat! You are just as deserving of your kindness as your friends and family.

Anxiety Tip

Calm your monkey mind with this monkey stretch.  The term “monkey mind” is often used to describe how our brains cause us anxiety by moving quickly from one though to another, often without reason.  Luckily we can calm our monkey minds through meditation and stretches designed to release tension.  Next time you are feeling stressed, try the “monkey stretch”: stretch your arms above your head, then bend forward, with your head facing downward – hang out there

For ten seconds, then repeat. This stretch is a great way to release the tension held in all different parts of your body.


Focus Tip

Need a quick way to refocus your energy?  Let out the biggest sigh you can!  Breathe in for a five-count, and then let out the loudest, longest sigh possible!  Notice how your energy level and focus improve – almost immediately!

#Sigh for Balance