Do you have goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year? Are there aspirations that you’ve put off year after year, only to find yourself unfulfilled as the year comes to a close? If you have specific tasks that you want to complete or have achievements in mind that will help you live your best life, Margaret’s Box is the solution you’ve been looking for.

I’m Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay, and I was inspired to reach for the stars in my own life by my beloved grandmother, Margaret. I will personally help you put together a tangible vision box with items that represent your most treasured dreams and hopes for your life that can provide the motivation you need to change your life for the better.

No matter what career or lifestyle goals I wanted to reach in my life, my grandmother supported me wholeheartedly. She also provided a physical space for me to put my dreams into action. This helped me to both realize my dreams and boost my confidence by knowing I had someone in my corner cheering me on. For example, my grandmother opened up her garden to me when I expressed interest in being a florist and allowed me to experiment in her kitchen when I thought I wanted to become a chef.

Being able to touch the tools that I would use to make my dreams come to life assured me that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. This is a testament to the fact that having the right people to encourage you is beautiful and beneficial – and sometimes, that person should be you, especially when you have a dream that others may not understand until success is evident.

With Margaret’s Box, you can customize your vision box to showcase the things that are most important to you. Once you select the items that you want on your vision box, you can refer to it daily to remind yourself of the satisfying and life-changing rewards that will come when you combine confidence, faith, hard work and dedication to build the life you want.

Margaret’s Box also allows you to get a glimpse of what the finished product will be when it comes to your life goals. When you can see the words and items that symbolize your achievements, this will likely be more powerful than merely thinking about what you want to do.  Seeing your goals in front of you will push you to go after what you truly want, and if times get a little tough, there are coping cards with strategies to get you through those rough times.

Using this artistic and creative method for taking control of your life can be extremely rewarding and serve as a boost of confidence for virtually every area of your life. Order your box today and get started with the life you’ve always wanted.